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Nude Food Mover Frequently Asked Questions
What will I receive in my Nude Food Mover Pack?
You will receive:
·          1 x Nude Food Mover lunchbox
·          1 x ‘Cool Skin’ thermal lunchbox cover
·          10 x discount pass on cards
·          10 x information & recipe booklets
How long should I expect to wait to receive my Nude Food Mover Pack after I've been approved?
It depends on which state you live in as to when you will receive your Nude Food Mover pack. This is because we want to send you your pack just before your child returns to school for term 4. Therefore you should receive your pack the week before your child goes back to school in term 4.
What is involved in the two stages?
Once you receive your pack there is a 2 stage process:
        Stage 1: ‘Lift the Lid’
In stage 1 we are looking to hear back from you following your use of the Nude Food Mover and ‘Cool Skin’. You will upload five original lunch ideas by taking a photo of the different contents you pack in the Nude Food Mover for your child’s lunches, choose a theme from the list provided and upload your feedback onto the testimonial wall. Every time you ‘Share the Vibe’ about Nude Food Movers with your friends you will complete ‘Conversation Reports’. You will receive pass-on discount cards and electronic copies on your Agent Dashboard to email or print off and share with your friends, family and colleagues. This stage also requires you to post photos and videos to your Agent Dashboard to help ‘Share the Vibe’. The 20 Agents who best ‘Share the Vibe’ will receive a Smash Hamper valued at $114.
        Stage 2: The Nude Food Movement
        The Nude Food Movement is all about helping The Smith Family’s Healthy Eating Programs and earning points for your nominated school for the chance to receive a $1000 Smash sporting gear voucher. To be involved all you have to do is tell your friends, family, colleagues and fellow school parents about the Nude Food Movement and get them to visit and just by answering 5 multiple choice or true/false questions correctly Smash Enterprises will donate $1 towards The Smith Family’s Healthy Eating Programs. Each participant will nominate a school they would like to allocate points towards and at the end of the promotion the 10 highest scoring schools will receive a $1000 Smash sporing gear voucher.
        What do I do once I receive my Nude Food Mover pack?
a)      Tell and show us what you thought about your Nude Food Mover lunchbox and ‘Cool Skin’ thermal lunchbox cover by posting photos, videos and blogging on your Nude Food Mover Agent Dashboard.
b)      Post five original lunch ideas to the ‘Lift the Lid’ Testimonial Wall and let us know what you thought of the Nude Food Mover, ‘Cool Skin’ and how the Nude Food Mover helped you with packing your child a Rubbish Free lunch.
c)       Pass-on the Nude Food Mover discount leaflets to your friends, family, colleagues and fellow school parents to give them the opportunity to purchase the Nude Food Mover and ‘Cool Skin’ and to get involved in The Nude Food Movement. You can also email or print these leaflets from your Agent Dashboard.
d)      Write 'Conversation Reports' detailing every time you 'Share the Vibe’ on Nude Food Movers.
e)     Complete the post trial survey which we will email you.
How do I access the ‘Lift the Lid’ Testimonial Wall?
We will provide you with a URL when the ‘Lift the Lid’ Testimonial Wall is available to you.
What is the Nude Food Mover and ‘Cool Skin’?
The Nude Food Mover is a food transport system that meets everyone’s needs!
·          Promotes healthy food choices
·          Protects all fruit
·          Affordably priced
·          No more lost container lids
·          Slimline shape: fits in the bag
·          Offers flexibility for meals and day parts
·          Dishwasher safe
‘Cool Skins’ are the ultimate way to protect your lunch. It is built to insulate food throughout the day and protects from bumps and knocks in the bag. It is available in a variety of designs and colours and comes as a single ‘Cool Skin’ or ‘Cool Skin’ with a side bottle pocket.
Where can I find more out the Nude Food Mover products?
To find out more, simply visit