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Welcome to the Snackfood Program and the opportunity to shape a new product for Australia. What do you need to do? Its simple:

  1. Join Vibe Village (It’s free)
  2. Apply for the Snackfood Program by completing the short survey. We need to hear from people that enjoy Snackfoods.
  3. Based on survey responses we will select 120 Vibe Villagers to tell us what they think about some new Snackfoods.
  4. These 120 people will then receive some product samples to try and will be instrumental in shaping the decision as to which products are launched into Australia!
  5. Press the “Join In Now” button and complete a short survey.


Applications Closed

Applications for this Campaign have now closed.

Don't despair however - you can still participate in the campaign!

Go to the Dashboard and check out all the things you can still do.