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It's great to be part of Vibe Village, I find it an easy to use site, with cute little characters and fabulous ops to trial.
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Do you love being the first one in the know and sharing great stuff with others? Then ...
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  2. We'll send succesful applicants FREE sample(s) to try
  3. You complete CONVERSATION REPORTS each time you share with others telling us their comments.
Sorbent Spa and Wellness
Share your Fresh Take on your bathroom routine for a chance to WIN!*
QV Baby
You know you are a parent when..
Become a Jar Star with Ball® Fresh Preserving Products
Start fresh preserving with Ball® and win
Be A Hero in Your Home
We're looking for the next household hero to increase the safety in their home and apply some of the new slip resistant coating.
Heinz Infant Gotta love the good stuff
Join with us in experiencing the good stuff for FREE for you and your mothers group. There are six $300 Baby Bunting e-vouchers to be won just be telling us all about it, so apply today.
Get Creative with Scotch Expressions
Get Creative with Scotch Expressions Tape and share your creations to WIN* one of six Westfield Gift Cards
Making It Amazing
Make amazing things with Scotch® Expressions Tape and share your creations to WIN* an iPad Mini.
Bulla Cream Matchmaker
Host a Get-together with your friends and try the new Bulla Flavoured Thick Creams
New Coles GRILL
Fire up the BBQ with the new Coles GRILL Campaign
Philips LED Lighting
We are looking for people to light up their lives with Philips LED bulbs!
Dove Colour Stories
We are looking for 1000 women to experience NEW Dove Colour Radiance! Apply by taking our quick survey to see if you are eligible*
Kids Snacking Cheese
Try Coles brand kids and adult cheese snacking range in your child's lunchbox for your chance to WIN*
Gather your friends and BBQ with the Coles GRILL range for a chance to WIN!*
The Feel Real Challenge
We are looking for 500 women who are suffering from symptoms of Menopause to take our challenge & try Nature's Own Menocare or Menosleep for 6 weeks and share their story with likeminded women.
Coles Cucina
Get your team together for an Italian Feast!
Monster High Class of 2012
Get a FREE Monster High pack WORTH OVER $90!^ Learn more… ^T&Cs Apply
Vibe Online Community

We are looking for people to participate in Vibe Online Communities. You can win monthly vouchers, but you must be willing to do a number of surveys per month.

BabyLove® DriWave™ Challenge!
Host a Mothers Group get together! If selected you’ll receive a great pack including BabyLove® DriWave™ nappies to try out on your baby, plus extras to pass on to your friends.
Dove Make Friends With Your Hair
Make Friends With Your Hair, 200 spots available, apply now!
Vic Pale Lager
We're looking for guys to get their mates around for a catch up session and try the NEW Vic Pale Lager.
WIN $10,000 in Travel Gift Cards!* Learn More… *T&Cs Apply
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Win 1 of 10 The Legend of Zelda: Skyword Sword games.
Sauber Intelligence Dust Doctor Challenge
Learn about the Sauber Intelligence and share your thoughts to receive a $400 trade-in voucher!
Elucent Skincare Clinics
Like to host 1 of 350 Elucent Skincare Clinics? If selected you'll receive a great pack of samples to host your event and to pass on to your friends!
Gillette Fusion Pro Glide
Gillette Fusion Pro Glide
Connectedness Research Group
Work: Love it? Hate it? We want to hear about it! Complete this simple survey about your experience at work. 2 iPad2’s up for grabs!
Raid Rescue

Be specially selected to experience NEW Raid Automatic Advanced Insect Control System. 500 spots available!

MasterFoods MasterChef
WIN Gary Mehigan Cookbooks, MasterFoods Aprons and Delicious samples Instantly!
Beauty of Benefiber

Be specially selected to experience the Beauty of Benefiber. 1000 spots available!

Cadbury Dairy Milk Mousse
Made for "Me-time" Be specially selected to indulge yourself and your friends with a new offer from Cadbury.
OXY - See the Proof

Do you have a teenager dealing with acne? Tried lots of different products but haven’t found one that is right for your Child’s skin?
See the Proof in your Child’s face from 14 days when using OXY. We are looking for 840 Mums to trial great products for free!

My First Magical Milestones

We are looking for 1,000 LOVERS of VEGEMITE spread who have children aged 1-8! Take our short survey for the opportunity to be one of the first to try MY FIRST VEGEMITE spread!

Taste Tetley for SOY & Tell

Do you drink Soy Milk? Do you love tea? NEW Tetley for SOY has been Specially blended for use with Soy Milk.

Get together with friends and take the Tetley for SOY Challenge and receive great products for free!

Head & Shoulders Challenge

Take the new Head & Shoulders Challenge!

We have 200 samples of head & shoulders shampoo and conditioner to give away! Take the challenge and see the difference for yourself.

Bulla Cream Masters
Become a Bulla Cream Masters and receive your exclusive Cream Masters pack and you could WIN a Masterclass with George Calombaris! Apply now.
Huggies Little Swimmers
Apply now to be 1 of 450 people to receive Huggies® Swimmers to try!
Chocolate Charmer
Cadbury® uses the power of charmery to blend key ingredients like no other...what are the key ingredients to your Chocolate World? Take the Chocolate Charmer Profile and find out!
Nutro Natural Choice
NATURAL CHOICE Pet Picnic! Apply now and you could host a NUTRO® NATURAL CHOICE Pet Picnic and get great products for free!
Bulla Splits
Let's Split this summer with Bulla Splits Icecream! Apply now and you could win one of three family holidays to the Gold Coast.
Bulla Thick & Fruity
Apply now and register your work place, sporting group or social club to receive your Bulla Thick & Fruity pack! Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.
Freida Smooth Mooves
Share the NEW Freida game, iPhone App and TVC with friends from your Dashboard and you could WIN 1 of 200 Cadbury® Hampers!*
Premiere and Share Party-Network Ten
WATCH the first episode of Network Ten's new Australian Drama 'Offspring' before it goes to air!
MasterFoods Recipe BasesParty
Apply now and 'Create your Favourites' with MasterFoods Recipe Bases.
MasterFoods Simple Twist
Want to add a "Simple Twist" to your Everyday Meals?Be 1 of 2000 Agents to start "Twisting-It" with MasterFoods® Herbs and Spices.
Otrivin Saline Baby mothers group get-together
Take our short survey for your opportunity to receive a fantastic Otrivin Saline Baby gift pack.
Feet Treat Product
Experience Feet Treat! Join the Dr. LeWinn's Medic Soothing Beauty Clinic and if you are successful you will receive a great Feet Treat product too.
Spread the Joy
Come and Spread the Joy with Cadbury® about Fairtrade and receive free chocolate!
Would you like the chance to be 1 of 3000 Agents to receive a Aqium Antibacterial Hand Gel?
The Known World Bookshop Ballarat
The Known World Bookshop Ballarat, book and accommodation offers.
Does health and beauty raise a smile with you
Does health and beauty raise a smile with you? Simply take our survey to apply.
QV Mum 2 Mum
For that beautiful, healthy glow on your skin all day, everyday, be 1 of 375 Mums to host a QV Mum 2 Mum get-together
PHILADELPHIA Cream For Cooking Party
Like to Host a Get-together with NEW PHILADELPHIA Cream For Cooking?
Soothing Beauty Clinic
Want to host a Dr. LeWinn's Medic Soothing Beauty Clinic with friends? 
Teen Esteem Think Tank
Be one of 200 parents to get together with other parents to help your teen's self esteem!
Your opportunity to receive a code** to play to win $100,000!*
Be the first Party - Network Ten
Watch the First Episode of House Season 6 AND the brand new series of The Good Wife before anyone else in Australia!
RAID AutoMatic Insect Control
Raid AutoMatic offers convenient and effective protection against insects while you relax and entertain outdoors - perfect for an Aussie summer BBQ!
Pitos Premium Pita Chips
Looking for a new snack that's baked not fried, cholesterol free and has a light, crispy feel? Try the new and improved Pitos premium pita chips.
Off! Smooth and Dry Insect Repellent
Off! - keeps mosquitoes and flies away. So light on your skin, you'll forget you have it on.
Celebrate Australia BBQ
Host the ultimate summer BBQ for your friends and celebrate Australia at your very own 'Celebrate Australia BBQ'. Apply now for your opportunity to trial 5 great products which are perfect for an Aussie BBQ. We're sure you'll love them, so apply now and start planning your BBQ!  
Lamb & Rosemary Kettle Chips
Try the new Lamb & Rosemary Kettle chip flavour they're un-ashamedly slow cooked for a deeper richer flavour.
Masterfoods® Homestyle Marinades
Masterfoods® Homestyle Marinades - Why cook when you can create?
Kettle Time
Trial some great products for free and enter to win from an incredible prize pool!
Pedigree Raising The Bar
Love your dogs and cats? We have the perfect opportunity for you and your pet to trial one of the leading brands of pet food.
Join in the GREAT HUGGIES Nappy-Pants Try Out
Do you have an active Toddler on the go?  You’ll love Huggies® Nappy-Pants. We are looking for 1250 mums to share Nappy-Pants with other mums. And... 3 Mums will win Nappies for a year!
Pitos Premium Pita Chip Party
We're looking for 2,000 people to hold their own Pitos Get-together on Melbourne Cup day. Each Host will receive Pitos Chips for their guests.
Radiant Washing Powder
Radiant is offering 2000 people a free 500g pack of Radiant micro MAX laundry powder and the chance to play to win $100,000 in our Radiant Fight Tough Stains Campaign.
Kodak Cashback
WOW! Purchase one of 1000 Kodak Zx1 Pocket Video Cameras, a brand new pocket sized HD video camera, for only $159 this inc Postage & Handling. Save Pocketfuls on Digital Photo Frames, Printers and more with three fantastic Cashback offers for you to use and share with friends.
Nude Food Mover
Smash Enterprises are seeking 1,500 people to trial the all new Nude Food Mover lunchbox and 'Cool Skin' thermal lunchbox cover for FREE! So if you're looking for Rubbish Free lunch days apply now.
Dr. LeWinn's Beauty Clinic
50 exclusive Dr. LeWinn’s Beauty Clinics for you and your friends.
Philips Energy Saver
Philips Lighting is offering 2,000 people who are interested in helping cut carbon emissions and reduce their household energy use the opportunity to trial Philips Energy Saver light globes for FREE and have the opportunity to recieve the $6000 Sustainable homepack!
Get Fixed Up with Lynx
Are you Male? Aged 18-24? Want to have a great night out with your mates?
Pre-release of Network Ten's RUSH, SERIES TWO For your opportunity to receive Episodes 1 & 2 of RUSH: SERIES TWO before it goes on-air.
Baby Care products for your bub or toddler
'Share the Vibe' on a range of NEW Baby Care products for your baby or toddler, including a full size sample and discounts for your friends.
Vibe Mums and Dads
By registering to be a Vibe Mum or Dad we will be able to match you to the right Campaigns and give you an early invite service.
Glade Scented Oil Candles
Experience Glade® Scented Oil Candles. Glade® Scented Oil Candles are a stylish, decorative fragrancing option, to help create a warm and relaxing atmosphere in your home.
APPLES to APPLES Virtual Agent
Be one of 750 Virtual APPLES to APPLES Agents to play this Game of Hilarious Comparions online.  With the opportunity for the Top 50 Agents to receive the game to play at home.
MasterFoods Fresh Family Favourites
Gather your friends and experience the new range of MasterFoods Recipe Bases and add freshness and flavour to your evening meal.
MATTEL Apples to Apples Party
Would you like to be one of 250 Vibe Villagers to host your own MATTEL APPLES to APPLES Get-together?
Otrivin Baby Party
Otrivin Saline Baby are inviting 5000 people to host an "Otrivin soothing baby" get-together where approved hosts will receive a party pack with samples to help sooth both you, your guests and most importantly your bub in the relaxed environment of your home!
Nothing but Natural
We are inviting 1000 parents around Australia to get together with other parents and their children and learn about Blackmores new children’s range at the Blackmores Nothing but Natural Party.
Fisherman's Friend Strongman Run 2009
Vibe Village is bringing its members the opportunity to participate in two exciting promotional events
Kodak Pocket Video Camera
Pocket 1 of 45 New Kodak Zi6 Pocket Video Cameras This offer is exclusive to Vibe Agents as it will not be released to the general public in Australia!
Life on Mars
See the pre-release of Network Ten's new series 'Life on Mars'.
Celebrate Australia Day with MasterFoods Marinades
Celebrate Australia Day with a MasterFoods® Barbeque! Apply to be one of 500 Barbeque Hosts courtesy of MasterFoods® Homestyle Marinades.
Solid Gold
We are looking for people who are passionate about Sovereign Hill to become Solid Gold Agents and receive an Annual Family Pass to Sovereign Hill and Offers to pass on to friends.
Would you to help shape and develop a new Snackfood? Be one of 240 people to have their voices heard.
MasterFoods Marinades Barbeque
Host a MasterFoods® Barbeque! We are inviting Vibe Villagers to apply to be one of 800 Barbeque Hosts courtesy of MasterFoods® Homestyle Marinades.
Breakfast Cereal
Looking for a delicious breakfast cereal that’s good for growing teens? Would you like be one of the 5,000 Vibe Agents to receive great information and free breakfast products to share with friends?
Madame Flavour
Welcome to Madame Flavour Hello Kindred Spirit, I'm delighted to present my new loose leaf teas in sensual infuser pods, a special experience, full of care and personal touches.
Host the Ultimate Night In!
Host the Ultimate Night In! Be 1 of 1000 Party Hosts where you will be one of the first to see Episode 1 of **'Rush and enjoy McCain Pizza Gourmet and McCain Season’s Choice 4 Berry Mix.
Masterfoods Your Creation
MasterFoods recipe bases. What's your creation? MasterFoods is inviting vibe villagers to apply to host a 1 of 1000 Parties with friends and family in your home.
Have a BLAST! Mentos® is inviting Vibe Villagers to try their new Mentos® Blast Chewing Gum. A liquid filled blast of flavour.
Dexter Episode 1
See the pre-release here of Network Ten's new series Dexter. We are offering 100 people in Sydney and 100 people in Melbourne the opportunity to receive Episode 1 of the new series, 'Dexter'
Sunbeam Nutrihair
Nourishes as you dry! Just one try and you'll see and feel the difference. 1000 hairdryers to be given away!
Benefiber 14 Day Challenge
Take the Benefiber Challenge and receive a free Benefiber pack.
50 Dunstan Baby Language DVDs to be given away!! Discover the secret of the cries of your baby.
SKINS giveaway
500 Mobile Phone SKINS for FREE!! New skins make your mobile Water, Mud, Paint, Sweat, Blood, Dust, Grease and Snow Proof.
Surf's Up
Surf's Up ... and you could be riding high! Complete our quick survey and you could be riding high with your own Ozart customised surfboard.
Springhill Farm Sample Pack
100 Chocolate Sampler Packs If you love Chocolate, Turkish Delight and Marshmallow, then this is the Campaign for you!
Custom Car Insurance
PImped, blinged, slammed, blown, riced, gassed, sprayed, ICE'd, tinted, rimmed and really, really hard to insure. We developed a radical new approach to custom car insurance - what if your insurance came with more than the fine print?


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