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Cranbourne East

It's great to be part of Vibe Village, I find it an easy to use site, with cute little characters and fabulous ops to trial.
Things to Do

Vibe Village Code of Conduct

Vibe Village is all about honest discussions surrounding products and services that you have a natural interest in talking about. As a Member of our Village, there is a Code of Conduct that you need to abide by.


Keep it clean

Help keep Vibe Village a clean and friendly forum so that it is open to everyone young and old. If you believe someone is behaving in an unfriendly or unacceptable manner, you should let us know straight away.

Vibe Village has a zero tolerance policy for unacceptable content. Unacceptable content is any content that is:

  • Abusive, harassing or threatening.
  • False, harmful, or misrepresentative
  • In breach of Copyright or Trademark
  • Violates an obligation of confidentiality
  • Violates the privacy of others
  • Offensive (we are strictly "G rated" for all ages)
  • Illegal



Be yourself

  • Vibe Village is all about being authentic and genuine in what you say to others.
  • If you are a Vibe Agent working on a Vibe Campaign, then you are not a salesman. You should behave and talk exactly as you always have, in a natural unforced way.
  • Don't spam. (Send uninvited e-mails)
  • What you say online should be the same as what you would say in person, good or bad.

Be open and honest about why you are spreading the word

Vibe Village isn't a secret society. When you are acting as an Agent or organising a House Party as a Host, you need to tell people that you are a member of Vibe Village and are being rewarded to represent its clients.


Be actively involved

The more we hear from you and the more we know about you, the more we are able to involve you in new and exciting products and services. Have a look at the Profile section for polls, surveys and programs that help us get to know you better.


Honor your commitment to Vibe Village and our clients

As a trusted Member of our Village, both our clients and the Village seek your open and honest opinions and want you to share that with your friends. Our clients spend money to give you exclusive access to them and to their products in return for your, and your friends, valued feedback. If you are a Vibe Agent you are committing to spreading the word about a product or service and reporting on your conversations and thoughts.

If you are a Vibe Party Host then you are committing to inviting guests to your party, running a great party for your guests, reporting on the party and uploading thoughts, video and/or photos from the party.

REMEMBER: The greater your commitment, the greater your rewards.


Take Personal Responsibility for what you post on the Vibe Village website.

  • Anyone who posts on the Vibe Village website must be a member of Vibe Village and
  • All posts are recorded against the member.
  • You are personally responsible for everything you write on our website
  • Present your own thoughts and opinions, don't copy from others.